Engagement tools for the modern workforce

Engagement tools for the modern workforce

Dawfin gives your team the tools they need to build better relationships, grow professionally, and enrich your company’s culture.

Team Engagement


Dawfin comes with highly cohesive features that are handpicked to accomplish one thing - keeping your team engaged with your culture of performance.



Highlight your company's culture.

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performance management 1:1


Achieve shared understanding and alignment.

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Professional Growth

Grow your team's professional skills.

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Give recognition where recognition is due.

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Centralize key information.

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Who is Dawfin for?

small business owners

Organizations and teams of all sizes

Performance alignment, professional development, communication, transparency, and culture are all critical components whether your company has 5 employees or 5,000. Dawfin helps you keep your employees engaged no matter what the size of your organization or team is.

hr hat wearers

Human Resources

Modern HR is all about being an advocate for your people. If you are in HR or wear the HR-hat, Dawfin helps you grow your teams professional skill sets, increases awareness and transparency, and keeps employees engaged so that they are more likely to stay.



A manager is measured by the success of those they manage. Dawfin gives managers the tools they need to ensure shared understanding with their employees, help them develop a roadmap for the future, uncover and unblock impediments, and keep them aligned with company, team, and personal goals.

team members

Team members

Knowing where you are and where you are going are two fundamental requirements for any employee to be successful. Dawfin’s professional development core focuses on employees being equipped to grow and succeed within your company. Dawfin also keeps teammates engaged with your company’s culture.

You and your team is gonna love Dawfin.

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