An engagement tool for the Modern Workforce

An engagement tool for the Modern Workforce

Dawfin gives your team the tools they need to build better relationships, grow professionally, and enrich your company’s culture.

Team Engagement


Dawfin comes with highly cohesive features that are handpicked to accomplish one thing - enrich your company's culture of performance.

performance management 1:1

1-on-1 Alignment

1-on-1s are one of the most effective ways to ensure alignment between a manager and an employee. Yet they often are not conducted in a way that addresses real needs and do not result in actionable steps forward.

  • Plan constructive 1-on-1s
  • Conduct them effectively
  • Achieve shared understanding
team member profiles

Team Member Profiles

The quicker you know your team the quicker you can more effectively work with them. Team member profiles give you more insight into other team member’s strengths, skills, motivations, preferred forms of communication, and some personal likes and dislikes so that you can build a stronger professional relationship with them.

  • Understand who your team members are
  • See what motivates them
  • Develop impactful relationships
kudos recognitions


Recognition is a huge motivator for teams and team members alike. Kudos provides encouraging affirmations and recognizes success where recognition is due. Making kudos visible to all employees let’s others know what success looks like at your company and gives them an idea of what to strive for.

  • Recognize achievements
  • Experience what success looks like
  • Motivate others to continually go the extra mile
professional development

Professional Growth

Your largest investment is in the employees you already have. Dawfin helps team members create a development path that sharpens their current skill sets, develop new skills, and align their growth with your company’s by filling strategic skill gaps.

  • Create a vision for professional growth
  • Action plan on how to get there
  • Track your learnings and achievements along the way
tasks and reminders

Tasks and Reminders

Manually keeping track of who needs to do what and reminding those that forget can become extremely time consuming. Dawfin automates task management and reminders so that you can focus on more important things.

  • Create tasks for action items
  • Check them off as they are completed
  • Be reminded when you forget

Who is Dawfin for?

small business owners

For owners

Small company owners want to develop a fun and dynamic culture of success at their company. You need to be intentional creating the culture you desire. Dawfin helps support and grow your culture by creating an environment that encourages constructive 1-on-1s and developing employee growth plans that address strategic skill gaps. This keeps your employees focused and moving in the right direction.

hr hat wearers

For HR-hat-wearers

Oftentimes, HR is one of many hats that someone wears at a small company. For the part-time HR-hat-wearers, Dawfin is a tool that provides guidance on creating effective manager-employee relationships and setting employees on a course that enriches their professional development and keeps them aligned with the company’s path forward.


For managers

A manager is measured by the success of those they manage. Dawfin gives managers the tools they need to ensure shared understanding with their employees, help them develop a roadmap for the future, uncover and unblock impediments, and keep them aligned with company, team, and personal goals.

team members

For team members

Knowing where you are and where you are going are two fundamental requirements for any employee to be successful. Dawfin’s professional development core focuses on employees being equipped to grow and succeed within your company and to align themselves with the company’s vision.


Who is the target audience for Dawfin?

If any of the following statements resonate with you, then you are our target audience!

  • You want to create an awesome culture for your company.
  • You work for a small company with less than 100 employees.
  • You have someone who wears the "HR" hat (or a dedicated HR person) and they are looking for help.
  • You recognize that team management and employee engagement / growth / transparency is vital to your company's future but are unsure how to tackle it.
  • You have reviewed various HR solutions but they are too big, too expensive, and do not do well what you need them to do well.

What if we do not have an HR department?

No problem! We are building Dawfin with you in mind. Many small companies do not have a dedicated HR, but they do have someone that wears the “HR Hat.” Dawfin will be a tool that lessens the burden of developing an effective workforce for your company and frees up more time for the “HR” person to do the work they care about. We will help guide you on how Dawfin can be used to reinforce your company’s culture, build stronger teams, and develop your employees to be the best they can be.

How will Dawfin help my company?

Dawfin focuses on the following four areas to help foster an environment for success within your company:

  • Culture

    You have to be intentional with creating the culture you want. Dawfin will act as window into your company’s culture so that new team members can smoothly transition into it and current team members can keep it alive.
  • Awareness

    This will come into play in the following ways:
    • Performance management keeps managers and their employees in alignment so that there is shared understanding of where team members are and where they need to be
    • Team member profiles provide insights into who team members are, what they value, what their skills are, and what motivates them
    • Tasks and reminders let team members know what they need to be aware of and take action on - anywhere from HR related deliverables they need to complete to what tasks they need to do in response to their latest 1:1
  • Engagement

    In order to get the most out of your team you need to keep them actively engaged and motivated at work. Studies show that motivated team members work better and harder. Dawfin exhorts team members to actively engage with others by giving and receiving encouraging kudos, seeing what motivates other members by viewing their profile information, and having productive one-on-ones with their managers.
  • Growth

    Don't let your team’s skills stagnate. Give them the flexibility to continually grow professionally. Dawfin helps guide team members to create a plan that they can execute on to grow in their professional career. Their plans are also visible to others so that team members can share what they have learned. This transparency also lets other team members know which skills are not being developed so they can fill skill gaps themselves and add further value to your company.

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