Broadcast Company History

Show off the road traveled with customizable timelines. Whether your company is new or has been around for awhile, your company's unique journey can be captured and visualized for all teammates to see. Major milestones, the ups and downs, and celebrations can all be added to the timeline so that your history can be remembered and shared.

Get to know your teammates

Your teammates have their own unique personalities, strengths, and motivators. Dawfin let's them create personal profiles to broadcast who they are and how they work, allowing your team to quickly break down barriers and work more effectively with each other. Also, personal timelines let teammates share their journey at your company. Afterall, a company and its culture is nothing without its people!

Perfect for remote teams

Oftentimes, remote workers and teams can feel left out of company culture and the day-to-day goings on. Dawfin gives remote teammates a window into what’s happening in the company so that can stay connected and stay engaged.

Bring it all together

Culture is about the values and ideals of the company and its people. Dawfin helps you unlock and broadcast company culture so that long-time employees can reminisce and carry forward cultural values, new employees can quickly learn and adopt them, and remote workers can stay connected.

Strengthen your culture today

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