Align for tomorrow's needs

The vision for tomorrow may require new skills that your team doesn't have. Dawfin helps your team know what those are so they can gain them.

Grow your skills

In this rapidly changing world, the skills you have today may not be enough, or the right fit, for what is required tomorrow. Dawfin lets you create personal growth plans, set action items, add updates, track your professional growth progress, and share status during 1-on-1 syncs.

Share them with the team

Growth plans are visible company-wide so that others can see what you are working on. This way, teammates can see what skill-sets and competency levels you are working towards, be aware of tips and interesting resources you come across, and better understand what valuable skill-sets they can focus on for themselves.

Bring it all together

Your largest investment is in the employees you already have. Dawfin helps team members create a development path that sharpens their current skill sets, develop new skills, and align their growth with your company’s by filling strategic skill gaps.

Help your team grow their skills today

Let’s get started now!