Centralize and organize

These days, resources tend to get scattered around. Dawfin centralizes key information so your team knows where to find it.

Keep key resources in one spot

With all of the tools, web apps, repositories, systems, and so forth, it can become cumbersome to keep track of all of them. Even more-so, the knowledge of the existence of tools can easily become tribal knowledge, making it difficult to remember which tools to onboard new teammates with or to prevent duplication of similar tools being used across the organization. Centralize all key resources in the Cabinet so that your team knows where to go to find the tools, resources, and information they need.

Set individual and company-wide tasks

1-on-1s and Growth plans naturally root out action items and tasks that can be stored and tracked within Dawfin. Company-wide tasks can also be created and tracked so that you can issue out global tasks that need to be completed by all employees - such as notifications and reminders to submit benefits updates prior to the end of open enrollment. Dawfin makes it pretty easy to manage tasks.

Bring it all together

Keeping track of all of the company's resources can get messy these days with the multitude of various tools we use to help us run our business. Keep track of all the resources and tasks that employees need to be aware of in one central, easy to find place.

Centralize your resources today

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