Give recognition where recognition is due

Your team wants to know when they are reflecting company values. Dawfin lets teammates shout out Kudos for the whole company to see.

Giving and receiving kudos feels great

Give kudos to appreciate your teammates when they accomplish important milestones, reflect a core cultural value, or when they lend a helping hand. Not only do kudos feel great, but they also help motivate to continue to do extraordinary work and to go the extra mile.

Visible to all so others can join in

Company-wide visibility let’s all teammates join in and give a round of applause for your kudos. By publicly showing what success looks like and what is appreciated, Kudos is just another way that Dawfin helps strengthen your company’s culture and values.

Bring it all together

Recognition is a huge motivator for teams and team members alike. Kudos provides encouraging affirmations and recognizes success where recognition is due. Making kudos visible to all employees lets others know what success looks like at your company and gives them an idea of what to strive for.

Give your teammates a kudos today

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