1-on-1s keep team members aligned

Apart from team meetings, 1-on-1s are the best way to align team member objectives with that of the team's and the company's. These personal manager-to-managee interactions allow for both sides to come together, discuss important items, and achieve shared understanding. Dawfin lets you prepare, conduct, and keep a record of 1-on-1s that is visible to both parties so that there is constant awareness and understanding.

An agile way to manage

The old way of "performance management" that consists of far out goal setting and infrequent check-ins no longer fits in with the modern workforce where agile methods and frequent feedback loops are the norm. With Dawfin, 1-on-1s put the focus on where you are at today and where you are going next so that you can keep performance management lean and agile - as it should be.

Use beyond just managed relationships

1-on-1s don't have to be just for "managed" relationships. Whether it is peer-to-peer, project manager to business analyst, or product manager to scrum master, Dawfin's 1-on-1 tool can be used for all types of syncs so that impactful professional relationships and shared understanding can happen. Dawfin encourages working together, not against!

Bring it all together

Consistent 1-on-1s are a powerful mechanism to achieve shared understanding so that team members can work more effectively with each other. Engaging teammates in this way not only helps them, but the company as a whole!

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