One Simple Transparent Pricing

Whether you use Dawfin for a single team or for the whole company, we make pricing simple so that you can quickly start using Dawfin to engage your employees.

Included in our One Simple Transparent Pricing

1-on-1 Alignment

Team Member Profiles

Give and Receive Kudos

Employee Growth Plans

Customize 1-on-1 Questions

Tasks and Reminders

Centralize Resources

Company and Employee Timlines

Pricing FAQ

  • Is there a minimum contract price?


  • Do you offer support?

    Yes. For paid customers support is available. For customers using Dawfin for free, support is not included but we are user friendly so if you are stuck, ask us anyway!

  • Can I purchase an annual plan?

    Not right now. We plan on making annual plans with added saving available in the near future. Once available, you will be able to switch to the annual plan with a simple click. We will let you know when it is available.

  • Are there any add-ons that I have to pay extra for?

    Nope. We don't like add-ons ourselves and we don't want to force something that we don't like onto our users. When you signup you will get everything that Dawfin has to offer including our awesome customer support.

  • Is it really this simple?

    Yes. Sorry to dissapoint you but we suck at making things unnecessarily complex.

  • Free up to 5 users
  • No minimum contract price
  • Everything included
  • No upfront credit card required
  • Awesome customer support